Why License Your Pet?

Licensing your pet provides them the best chance to get home safely and quickly in the event they become lost. However only 8-12% of pet owners do it because they have typically seen little value in doing so!

Well that has all changed in Kingston! So if keeping your bestie as-safe-as-possible and out of trouble isn't reason enough to license, DocuPet and the City of Kingston have added some other awesome new benefits too.

There's way more benefits, but we are sure you've already clicked that big blue button by now.

License Your Pet

License your pet and you’ll actually save money. Upon licensing, you’ll receive a free Rewards card to keep in your wallet. Rack up discounts at participating businesses to save way more than your cost of registration each year.


The City of Kingston and DocuPet are working together to provide more pets in the city with proper identification, while rewarding pet owners for licensing their furry friends. Pet owners can now get licences for their pet(s) online at kingston.docupet.com/signup/

Online users will get a free online pet profile, which will allow you to update key information, upload photos of your pets and (most importantly) report your pet as lost if need be. Lost pets with proper pet tags are more likely to be returned to their rightful owners. It's important to license your pet so that in the event they may be lost they can be returned safely home.

As a bonus, when you license your pet, you will receive two DocuPet rewards cards along with your pet tags in the mail. The rewards card gives pet owners access to local deals and discounts offered by participating businesses.

Did you know…
Only 10 percent of cats that come into animal shelters are returned to their rightful owners, while 70 percent of dogs are reunited with their owners. This is a direct result of more dogs being licensed and having the proper identification.